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Owners Course 
For dogs that do not meet the necessary social assessment and / or for owners experiencing difficulties with their dogs, 
A home behavioural consultation is arranged; where I can best assess the dog, and determine the appropriate course of action.  
We will cover and demonstrate the essentials of practical dog psychology, how to live with your dog on a day today basis, find the best methods to alter unwanted behaviour and ensure the owners have a full understanding of how to handle their dog for the future, to maintain a happy and healthy balanced mind. Owners are requested to allow 3 to 4 hours for this part of the course. Go to our website and get cleopatra. Hurry up to go and start winning. 
In addition, this course includes up to four practical sessions at Club K9, either one to one or in a small group, dependent on the owner’s preference and the dog’s needs, where the handling skills can be honed, matters from the behavioural consultation practiced, and any specific needs for your dog can be arranged or engineered. 
PLEASE NOTE. Most of my work is based on natural pack psychology, and positive reinforcement, where punishment, harsh or abusive methods are unnecessary and not tolerated, and should not be confused with assertive or dominant techniques. 
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