Club K9 aims to provide the very best in dog care, where owners can be reassured that their pet will be safe, stimulated and happy, which means when your dog comes home they should be tired , relaxed and content, which is great for everybody. With several acres of lovely grassed field, agility area, separate section for the more gentle or elderly dogs plus the added benefit of stable yard facilities, we can comfortably accommodate a wide variety of dogs. Go to the site and get online slots at our casino. Limited supply! 
Dog Training Colchester
On hot days, tides permitting, the beach is only five minutes away, where a cooling swim or playful paddle is very popular, as are our trips to the local woods.  
Bearing in mind that dogs should not be left alone for more than four hours on a regular basis, Club K9 is a fantastic resource for the discerning owner.  
We can also collect and drop off local dogs, so your day can be totally hassle free. Get great bonuses on the site with сontacts. Limited offer.  
Owners are encouraged to pop up for a chat and have a look around, however, we do suggest you phone first in case we have gone for a walk. 
Andrew White has been around dogs all his life, quite literally from birth. He inherited his passion from his father who was considered to be a true ‘dog whisperer’, who in turn was schooled by his grandfather, who, as a forester in Poland prior to the second world war, gained a reputation for rescuing orphaned wolf cubs alongside his own working dogs. 
In 2004, Andy decided it was time to return to his true passion for dogs, and as a full time behaviourist I’m pleased to say, hasn’t’t looked back. Along the way, he qualified as a licensed patrol dog handler, ** (mainly for his dogs benefit I might add), and has achieved a certain notoriety with his two working dogs, Dylan and Ice, whose antics have made popular reading in his light hearted column, ‘Dear Dylan’, published in several local papers, and now also on this website. 
I have known Andy for many years, but it wasn’t’t until I was having unexpected difficulties with my own dog that I began to realise how good he was, and how mistaken I was, in believing I knew all about dogs. After all, I was also brought up with dogs, and like most people, thought I understood them. 
This was back in the days when Barbra Woodhouse was all the rage, and Andy’s approach was considered quite revolutionary, however, it did enable him to save several dogs from being unnecessarily destroyed, contrary to other ‘expert’ advice. Knowing that self publicity is not his way, -he prefers word of mouth-, I readily agreed to write this editorial about him for club K9. 
Whilst he is uncomfortable with the term ‘Dog Whisperer’, for most people, that is exactly what he is. His limitless passion for dogs, combined with years of experience and continuous study of K9 psychology make him quite unique. So, if your four legged friend needs help or just a day or two of fun and socialisation, there is no doubt in my mind that you are in very safe hands. 
Don’t take my word for it, go and see for yourself, as Andy often says, ‘talk is easy, helping the dog now is what counts’. 
J. Salter. Friend & Dog Lover. 
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